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CareerEncore is a boutique recruiting firm dedicated to providing Greater Boston area technology companies with exceptional talent.

Proven yourself at a tech-driven company? Functional experience aside (marketing, product management, software development, IT, operations, sales, customer support, executive suite, etc.), we can help you find your next great opportunity.

If you’re a job candidate, check out our job openings. We’ll help you identify your ideal job and transition into the position. Staying with you throughout your career, we'll inform you of relevant, intriguing job opportunities. Let us fulfill your career dreams!

If you’re an employer, we will uncover the talent essential to your success. Helping companies reach their growth potential keeps us energized!

How We Help Companies

CareerEncore has a network of the outstanding high-tech candidates you are seeking and will deliver to you only the best prospects for each position.

How We Help Candidates

We’ll listen to you and probe beneath the surface to help you identify your career aspirations and discern your strengths and needs. We’ll treat you as an individual.

Opportunity Starts Now

Based on our numerous years of experience in the Boston-area technology industry, we can relate seamlessly to your staffing needs.